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Plantcommerce is the software for the horticultural sector. PlantCommerce is especially developed for the horticultural sector to support the sales process. The product catalogue and the customer base are the key features of PlantCommerce. Since you can easily distribute supply, build up a client base and generate statistics, PlantCommerce is perfectly suitable for companies which would like to improve their sales department. PlantCommerce stimulates this proces and offers functionalities which stimulates the sales.

PlantCommerce EOS

PlantCommerce EOS is an extension of the standard package. This package offers all the functionalities which are needed to receive, settle and send orders which are based on Florecom standars. PlantCommerce has, due to connections to different systems, insights in the stock. Other key features of PlantCommerce are:

  • Catalog management
  • Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Delivery form
  • Digital ordering
  • Stock management
  • Sales statistics

What kind of companies use PlantCommerce?

PlantCommerce fits the needs of sales companies, cooperations of growers and individual growers who focus on the horticultural sector.

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